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Things I love – light-colored floors

When we built our home, I originally wanted to design the kitchen with black cabinets, and move down the wall to floor with light-colored options: white backsplash, white granite, light-wood floors. Well, that didn’t happen – the design center didn’t have black cabinets to choose from. So, I went with the opposite color scheme: whitish cabinets, brown backsplash, darker granite, and dark hardwood floors.

To this day, I know it was a mistake. Why – you ask? Two words: DOG HAIR. My yellow lab’s hair is like a zit on a teenage girl’s face. I see it, can’t stop looking at it, and obsess over it! Every single strand. It’s always there, glaring up at me, even moments after cleaning the floors. If those floors were light wood, at least I wouldn’t notice it so much.

For instance, look at this beautiful blonde wood floor I found on Design Sponge

I love this floor, and Charlotte’s hair would be nearly invisible on it! If I hit the lottery, I am so wrapping up the dark floors and laying this down!
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