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Little Garden Bench Makeover Step-By-Step

Yesterday I promised I would “show” you how I achieved the patina on the bench, I am now calling “Miss Lovely.” I started a new, little bench and used the same colors and process. Unfortunately I failed to take a photo of the bench in the “before” state. Just know it was your run of the mill brown wood.

Here’s a photo of what it looked like after a quick first coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.

Next I added another coat of Old White, as I could still see a hint of the brown wood underneath the first coat. Note, I used a large brush to apply this paint easily and quickly.

After the 2nd coat of paint dried, I applied a layer of clear wax.

I rubbed it on with a big brush, making sure to get it into the cracks and crevices. Then I removed the excess with a clean cloth.

Notice the clear wax deposits no color. It just bonds with the paint to create a seal, with a touch of a sheen.

Next, I began to distress, using a fine piece of sandpaper. I gently rubbed areas where I thought the piece would naturally shows signs of age; edges, seat, back, corners, etc. I rubbed until I could see the wood show through.

Then I grabbed the dark wax….then comes the fun part! Doesn’t it just look gross?

I dabbed a little on the corner of a clean, lint-free cloth, and rubbed it across areas of the bench that I wanted to have that aged patina. After I rubbed it on, I then wiped away the excess.

There were a few place that the wax left a darker-than-I-intended patina, so to remove that, all I had to do was go back over it with a little clear wax, and rub it away. So simple!

Here are photos of one side of the bench before the dark wax, and then after the dark wax – see the difference…
And here’s the bench all finished up! 

This bench is for sale, as are a few other pieces I’ve worked on recently. If you are interested in them, feel free to email me. And if you have a piece of furniture that you are considering painting, give a shout – I am happy to come take a look at it, and discuss how you would like to transform it!
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