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As many of you know, when I started this blog, it was a couple of months ago and I was working regularly for a book publisher. About 2 weeks after launching the blog and Twig and Twine Nest, my book publicity job went bye-bye. Suddenly I was scrambling to find work. Fortunately, I had my painting to keep me busy, and generate some additional income. And fortunately, I was able to land 2 new publishers to freelance for.

So with 2 new jobs to adjust to, which brings new titles to pitch, and in general, new procedures – I’ve been very busy ramping up and getting up to speed. I want to do a good job, and with that brings lots of work. Hence – my silence here. So so sorry – you know I love writing, blogging and sharing goodies here with you – and I PROMISE to bring you more of that! Just bear with me, while I try to work my day job, paint in the evenings, care for my boy Saxon and wait for my hubby to get home from his foreign duties!

But, I’d love to share some pics of my recent paint projects….I buckled down 2 weeks ago for my first-ever sale outside the virtual world! Yup, I decided to take part in my son’s school’s rummage sale. I bought a bunch of pieces of beat-up furniture and made them pretty again. I even did a whole bunch of little items, too – like picture frames.

Here’s some of those goodies…Before and After!

Cheese server BEFORE…

Now a decorative display piece! Painted in ASCP Old White, distressed and aged with dark wax.
This lovely item was quickly sold to my neighbor, Michelle.

Memo/picture board BEFORE…

So much prettier AFTER! Painted with ASCP in Old White, distressed and clear waxed. This sold at the rummage sale to one of my son’s classmates’s moms (wow, I know this is not correct use of grammar, but am too tired to figure it out right now).

Bird prints BEFORE…

AFTER! Again, Old White (doesn’t Old White just look great on everything!)

Sorry, can’t find the before shot of this little old shutter I grabbed at a thrift store. I painted it up and it became a cool picture display or memo board. This is still for sale!

Pretty peg board! In ASCP Versailles – I love this color, it’s a muted greenish color. Very neutral!

I really like how these turned out too, and since they didn’t sell at the rummage sale, I may just bring them in the house and hang them on my wall! Cool shadow box shelves that I painted in Old White and aged with dark wax.

Here’s some shots my neighbor Kristen took at the sale…

Striking a Vanna pose in front of my wares…

I needed to find a way to promote my paint business, so I created posters of BEFORE and AFTER shots of furniture I have done. Then I made a memo board from a piece of wood I got for free from Lowes in their cut-bin, and voila, instant pin board. Stuck some business cards on it and plopped it down smack dab in the middle of a table. Lots and lots of people checked it out and took my card. Hope it gets me some commission work!

Surprisingly this dining table and chairs sold at the sale! Since it was my highest price piece, I was fully expecting to take it back home with me. I really just wanted it there so people could see a large-scale transformation. A young couple who just settled on their first home bought it! So excited!

This is one of my favorite pieces to date! I used ASCP in Paloma, which is the purplish hue. Old White on the drawer fronts and interior shelf. The insides of the doors got a special treat – decoupaged paper!

More favorites…a vintage desk in Old White and French Linen with glass knobs, and my first-ever red piece! Sold to my dear friend, Kari!

Besides the dining table and chairs, most of the work that I took to the sale was completed in a week! It was a lot of late nights, and wrist pain! BUT, I loved every minute of it. Honestly, painting is such a relaxing activity for me. I love watching the pieces come to life before my eyes. Maybe that sounds corny, but its true.

And when you love it, its not really work, is it?

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  1. S. Anderson
    S. Anderson says:

    Glad to have found your blog! I live in Woodbridge, and I am always looking for goodies. Please do let us know when you do another real-life sale! I would love to come stop by.


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