My first auction!

Today I went to my first auction. The first thing I discovered that I wasn’t prepared for – it lasted 4 hours! Why did I think I could get in and out of there with some great furniture quickly?
Perhaps if all they auctioned off was furniture, it could have been an hour or less. But, no. They took bids on little things, like silverware. One. Piece. At. A. Time. Christ – who needs one sugar spoon???

And it wasn’t just silverware that slowed it all down, it was the single saucers and cups, or the single crystal vase. Or the single glass pitcher. And the single Longenberger basket. I’m telling you, I was dying. I just really wanted to get to the good stuff.

Finally they did, and I had another rude awakening – bids went much higher than I was expecting. I thought I’d get better than thrift store prices on furniture. Not so. Most were much higher than I’ve seen in some thrift stores. There were several pieces I would have loved to purchase and paint – but I wasn’t there with big cash. And I wouldn’t have spent that kind of money anyway.

So after four hours and many unsuccessful bids, I came home with a few items that made it feel worthwhile.

This would be my favorite purchase – creepy Aunt Ethel. Well, at least that’s what the auctioneer was calling her. I’m sure she was someone’s aunt. Who knows what her name was. But, I loved this for the big old frame, and for some reason I am drawn to old photos like this. She will go on my Halloween mantel and be the star of what I hope will be a spooky centerpiece!

This cabinet/shelf is tall and will be gorgeous when I get it made over. Right now the finish is in terrible shape – but nothing some paint can’t fix!

Okay, I am looking at this and thinking, “what was I thinking?” But for $5.00 I may keep it in my garage as a place to store my paint and supplies.

I always love mirrors with a bit of bright paint! What color shall I do this up in? Hmmm…

So after all was said and done, I walked away satisfied and educated. And I look forward to the next auction!

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  1. janet
    janet says:

    Great buys!!!! I loved the spooky portrait when I saw it and it will look really cool on your mantel.

    That mid-century bookcase is awesome!!

    It was great seeing you and your handsome little guy this morning.

    Janet xox


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