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Who doesn’t LOVE a bargain!!

Its the new year and time to purge. I took a look around my house the other day and thought, “damn, there’s a lot of STUFF in here.” You know, stuff, that you sort of sit out on a shelf – maybe because it was a gift, or maybe because you found it in a moving box and wondered why you never displayed it. And over time, this stuff accumulates. Before you know it, its like you fed your stuff after midnight and your house if over-run with it! (giving my age away with that retro-movie reference to Gremlins)

So, I decided to get rid of some of it. Kitchen gadgets (can you believe I have 3 blenders), decorative things like pottery and wall-hangings, and even spare furniture that’s not serving a purpose. In doing so, I made room for a find I’m so proud of I could squeal!

I found a pair of these cuties at a Ross store! Yes, I said it, a Ross store…the same place where you can find designer duds at a fraction of the price. Yup, they sell furniture too and the price is almost always right!

My chair for $119

I scored two of these petite accent chairs for just $119 each! Look at how lovely they are: tufted backs, piping, casters on turned front legs, and gorgeous linen script fabric.

Now hold your breath, because here comes the amazing part…I found my chairs’ cousins on Amazon for $660 each!! (marked down from $825) Heck, these could be switched-at-birth siblings to my two chairs! The noticeable difference, other than the price tag, is the limed oak legs. Theirs are darker than mine.  But seriously – don’t they look almost exactly the same?? I’m giddy with the notion that I saved myself over $500 a chair!

Amazon’s chair for $600

Sorry to gush, I just had to share this steal of a deal with you guys. I was excited when I left the store, and even more over the moon after this discovery. Who doesn’t love to find a super bargain!

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