Weddings with a personalized touch!

Wedding season is around the corner, and ideas for crafting a truly unique day are blooming across the internet and Pinterest. I love the many homemade touches that brides to be are bringing to the ceremony and celebration – like DIY mason jar centerpieces, hand-sewn chair covers, even paper flowers to look like the real thing!

I’m also loving the personalization trend. People are painting chalk boards and using them to indicate seating, table numbers, even which side of the church is for families of the bride and groom. Messages of love abound as decor for inside and outside the church. And nothing is as special as a beautiful piece that can serve as a wonderful photo prop and treasured keepsake.

Here’s some creative ways to use Simply Said vinyl designs on the big day!

Weddings with a personalized touch (1)
This photo is so cute! I love that the couple chose a BLUE banged up suitcase for this shot. It looks like they took to the train tracks and are running away – and in love!


Weddings with a personalized touch (2)
“I Do” on the bottom of the bride’s shoes! Ingenious!
Now make the vinyl blue and you’ve got your “something blue” all squared away!


Weddings with a personalized touch (3)
Iron on vinyl designs are perfect for denoting the head table’s most important seats!
There’s a design for “Mr,” too! Choose to make this in the color that matches your wedding colors.


Weddings with a personalized touch (4)
Weddings with a personalized touch (5)
Simply Said has inexpensive designs that you can adhere to walls, glass, mirrors, even cars!
They are easily removable and won’t damage the surface. So they’re safe for antiques like this beauty!


Weddings with a personalized touch (6)
There’s so many designs that can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. Apply them to our accessories or the item of your choice!


Weddings with a personalized touch (7)
Etched glass vinyl can be applied to windows or mirrors and look like a million bucks!
Here’s a little video with even more ideas for crafting a unique wedding day!
And if you would like to order any of the designs you see here, or want to create something unique, please contact me! I’m happy to design something as special as your upcoming day!
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What does a new year mean? New products, of course!

What does a new year mean to you? For some it means more exercise, or less eating, maybe even more drinking (in celebration)! For others it means getting organized, starting over or changing bad habits. For many businesses its new-product launch season. And that’s exactly what I have for you today – photos of some of our newest Simply Said products and designs!

A new catalog was released on Monday evening. It’s awesome because for the first time ever, it includes designs suitable for EVERY SEASON of the year. So now you don’t have to wait for spring or winter releases to plan for holiday decorating. AND the new release includes several new Printed Treasures – those are our items that come preprinted and can be personalized to celebrate special occasions – perfect for your gift-giving!
Check it out!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (1)
This is my favorite new Printed Treasure! I love the chalk board designs, and this with its patriotic pennant banner and message that salutes our troops – it really speaks to me.
What does a new year mean New products, of course (2)
Another favorite in the middle!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (3)
Simply Said has many new designs for the bride and those celebrating an anniversary!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (4)
The overwhelming response by far tells me this will be one of the most popular of all our new items. This distressed board, made of real wood, is personalized with your names and wedding date!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (5)
Perfect for Thanksgiving and any time of the year when you want to be reminded of all that we are grateful for!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (6)
Those with a lake home can attest to this! We’ve got designs for the beach home owner, too!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (7)
A tribute to dad!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (8)
And we couldn’t forget mom!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (9)
I’m loving the Printed Treasure on the left: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
What does a new year mean New products, of course (10)
I LOVE the creativity of the design on the right above – this is absolutely a wonderful keepsake for the graduate! A Sharpie and you have a signed memento!
What does a new year mean New products, of course (11)
What does a new year mean New products, of course (12)
The distressed slotted boards are beautiful hung flush on the wall, or sitting on a cabinet top.
They mimic the look of a DIY pallet, without all the work!
Here’s a link to the new catalog if you would like to see more!
For shopping and business inquiries, please visit my website:
And if you would like to earn free Simply Said products, consider having an in-home party, online party or catalog party. Give me a shout and I’ll show you how easy it is!

Fun times to come in the man cave!

This week my husband’s new girlfriend is set to move in. Admittedly, she’s beautiful.

But, I’m not jealous.

Fun times to come in the man cave! (1)


On the contrary – I’m super excited. The new pool table is lovely to look at AND it comes with a ping-pong top. (I’m much more skilled at ping pong then billiards.)

So I foresee a lot of family fun in the man cave!

Our barely-used table of 9 years will hopefully be finding a new home at a local Boys and Girls Club. I’m awaiting a return call from them this week, hoping they will take our donation. Fingers crossed!

Fun times to come in the man cave! (1)
UPDATE 1/20/15
The new table arrived and hubby, Saxon and I have played some fun games on it already. The pool table is fast and plays great. But the real fun has been the ping pong!
Fun times to come in the man cave! (2)
Now that my husband is home for a visit, we’ve been able to get the basement all squared away again since the flood renovation is complete. We’ve hung things back up on the wall and moved furniture into place, etc.  I made this bar mirror as a Christmas present for Damon, and I love how it looks on the wall!
Fun times to come in the man cave! (3)
And this week we think the Boys and Girls Club is coming to pick up our previous table! I like the idea that kids will be able to enjoy playing on it, and that it isn’t going to sit in a landfill.
Now, I must go practice my serve! (Damon is really good at ping pong, and I have to step up my game.)


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Christmas decorations!

This is starting to sound like a broken record – it’s been a while since my last blog post. I was doing good there for a while with writing and keeping the content coming. But, life gets busy, and I get lazy. And my back went kerplunk in October (that’s a whole other story)! So let’s just move on and try to get back into the swing of things!

I can’t let January end without a few shots of my home at the holidays. I LOVE Christmas decorations – LOVE them. And even though I was struggling big time between November and December, I still managed to get the house done – with a lot of help from my mother in law and son. Thank you to both of them – as well as my father in law and neighbor, Hudson, who helped set up my big tree and huff all the storage bins up from the basement! His wife, Tara, also strung the lights on my outside tree! You guys rock!

So here’s some of my favorites and new items this year…

Christmas decorations! (1)
A countdown design from Simply Said. Saxon loved moving the magnet each day!


Christmas decorations! (2)
Another Simply Said item – the “No Place Like Home for the Holidays” distressed board, next to a lantern from Pottery Barn.


Christmas decorations! (3)
I purchased this photo of Arlington National Cemetery locally, from photographer Gail Vitikacs.



Christmas decorations! (4)
The lights on these garlands worked last season, but this season not a one would light. Go figure. I was too incapacitated to really care, let alone go buy new ones. So, up they went. And honestly, I still love how they look.


Christmas decorations! (5)
My bestie, Sharon, came to visit after the holiday and brought me this sweet pillow.  I love it!


Christmas decorations! (6)
I found the doe at Anthropologie this summer and added a red bow.


Christmas decorations! (7)
Scored two of these adorable polar bears at Pottery Barn after Christmas last year. Half price baby!


Christmas decorations! (8)
A neighbor was selling this Willow House chandelier. I grabbed it and added the candles and greenery.
Here’s my tree. I love this tree. She’s so pretty!
Christmas decorations! (9)
There’s still presents under the tree because my hubby comes home next week from Afghanistan. He’ll be home for a few weeks and we’ll be celebrating Christmas!


Christmas decorations! (10)
The last two years I have gone to Great Gatherings for ornaments. The day after Christmas they mark them down half price! Here’s some of my fav’s!


Christmas decorations! (11)


Christmas decorations! (12)




Christmas decorations! (13)


Christmas decorations! (14)


Christmas decorations! (15)


Christmas decorations! (16)
This one came from The Empty Nest in Warrenton last year. Still one of my absolute favorites!


Christmas decorations! (17)


Christmas decorations! (18)


Christmas decorations! (19)
The paper flowers and butterfly were from Cracker Barrel this year.


Christmas decorations! (20)


Christmas decorations! (21)


Christmas decorations! (22)
This Summer hubby gave me this Eiffel Tower ornament!



Christmas decorations! (23)


Christmas decorations! (24)
The bedding was purchased from Stein Mart this season- wow, it was super cheap! I think the King quilt was only $39!!
It’s all staying up until after Damon comes home and we celebrate. Plus, I really need his help to take it all down and put it away. Since he was away when we put it all up, I think it will be nice to play holiday music while we take it down. I know that’s backwards, but I want him to feel some of the “special,” too.
Stay tuned for what’s next in our great room – it’s got me a little “grey!” And not in a sad way, either.