Fun times to come in the man cave!

This week my husband’s new girlfriend is set to move in. Admittedly, she’s beautiful.

But, I’m not jealous.

Fun times to come in the man cave! (1)


On the contrary – I’m super excited. The new pool table is lovely to look at AND it comes with a ping-pong top. (I’m much more skilled at ping pong then billiards.)

So I foresee a lot of family fun in the man cave!

Our barely-used table of 9 years will hopefully be finding a new home at a local Boys and Girls Club. I’m awaiting a return call from them this week, hoping they will take our donation. Fingers crossed!

Fun times to come in the man cave! (1)
UPDATE 1/20/15
The new table arrived and hubby, Saxon and I have played some fun games on it already. The pool table is fast and plays great. But the real fun has been the ping pong!
Fun times to come in the man cave! (2)
Now that my husband is home for a visit, we’ve been able to get the basement all squared away again since the flood renovation is complete. We’ve hung things back up on the wall and moved furniture into place, etc.  I made this bar mirror as a Christmas present for Damon, and I love how it looks on the wall!
Fun times to come in the man cave! (3)
And this week we think the Boys and Girls Club is coming to pick up our previous table! I like the idea that kids will be able to enjoy playing on it, and that it isn’t going to sit in a landfill.
Now, I must go practice my serve! (Damon is really good at ping pong, and I have to step up my game.)


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