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The basement renovation is nearly complete!

The last two months have been consumed with all things “basement!” Between dealing with contractors and an overseas husband worried about his man-cave, this basement might have given me a couple of gray hairs! (which no one will ever see thanks to my hair stylist)

Hubby left for Africa about a week into construction, and since then, it’s been a very bumpy road getting to completion. As you all know if you’ve ever tackled a big project, there’s always things that just don’t go correctly. Without getting into all those pain in the ass details, I thought I’d skip right to the fun stuff – photos!!

Here’s a visual tour of what’s been going on downstairs…

These are a few items I’ve picked up to hang here and there. Plus this cool vintage locker-style cabinet that I gave to hubby as an early Father’s Day gift. Since we’re going for an industrial vibe, it’s all about the metal, wire and old down there! I’m having so much fun searching for decor!

The power room is one of my favorite parts of the basement because of the copper sink and the light fixtures.

 They are the large Edison wall sconces from Restoration Hardware. I picked up the mirror at a thrift store for a couple of bucks and painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, and several coats of dark wax. There’s a touch of brass colored wax around the edges too.

Wow, I didn’t realize how dirty this sink is! Darn contractors washing their hands in our new sink! Grrr…

How cool is this piece of burled wood – now being used as a trash can!

This little front room will be used for playing video games primarily. The walls and carpet are a light grey. And the doors, beam, support pole, as well as the panel door were plainted black.

I will be painting the railing in ASCP’s Graphite. I just started taping it off today.

All of the appliances are installed behind the bar. The stone counter-top color is called Lyra. Custom cabinets were made and finished in black.

I love this deep bar sink!

This is probably hubby’s favorite part of the bar – the keg-o-rator!  

I like the wire pendants hanging over the bar, and on the side wall.

The bar is wrapped in corrugated metal. Applying this is easy to do – just buy sheets from Lowe’s or Home Depot (they’re very thin). Tack it to your wood frame, and then finish it off with metal strips that are screwed into the wood frame. Just be careful, this stuff is really sharp when its cut!

This wall will be getting a ledge under the 3 pendants, where guests can sit on bar stools and wait for their turn at the pool table! Or try their luck at the slot machine!

The back entrance was tiled, and the doors were painted black.

Here’s the view as you walk in the back door. The beams and poles were left exposed and painted black. The floor will be completed next week, with a wood flooring that looks like weathered barn wood.

Here’s a clock I picked up at HomeGoods that we have to hang. It’s a rusty metal – love it!

 Some Restoration Hardware pillows moved from the living room down to the basement.

And here’s evidence that the basement is already functioning as it was intended! hee hee We may not have furniture yet, but we have beer!

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Painting a Chandelier

I found this chandelier during a trip to a local consignment shop. It was hanging and I almost didn’t notice it. The dark color, the dinginess of it – it faded into the background. It had been there for several months, so I was able to negotiate the price down to $25.

I’d been on the hunt for a chandelier to make over. I wanted one that was delicate, yet not too feminine. I love the blingy, crystal-adorned chandi’s out there, but figured my hubby wouldn’t be crazy about something so girly. So the simplicity of this one above looked like it could work. And I was hoping that with a paint job and new candle covers, I could give this a weathered look, similar to these below.

I adore similar light fixtures found at places like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. So I was hoping I could get close to the same look, without the price. 
What do you think – did I come close?

I started by painting a base coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. Then I dry-brushed on Coco followed by Old White. Next I clear waxed the whole thing. Normally I don’t think its necessary to wax a light fixture like this, because the paint won’t risk getting wet, touched or damaged. But, I wanted to age this with dark wax, and I prefer how it looks when its applied over clear wax, vs. straight on the paint.  I used a cloth to apply the clear wax to the entire thing, wiping it away. Then I used a small brush to apply dark wax more sparingly. Afterwards, I painted and waxed new candle covers. It was only when I started to put new bulbs in did I realize one of the sockets was damaged. So, it will have to be repaired before I can hang my new chandelier. Now to find myself an electrician!