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The bench that continues to be a thorn in my side

Okay, this damn bench is starting to piss me off.

You’re read about my fiasco with removing the upholstery, right? If not, here’s the post that explains it all.

After discovering 2 layers of old fabric and enough staples to fill a Home Depot, I decided I would not be removing the bottom 2 cushions.

I had thought I could simply cover the entire board they rest upon (it comes out of the frame with no problem) with thick batting, and then cover and staple down new fabric. Nope. That wood space down the center of the two cushions is very obvious and looks weird.

After some thought, and Googling, I have decided to give the whole seat a “tufted cushion” treatment.
I went back to Jo-Ann’s fabric again (I think they know me by name now). Got another yard of fabric, 2 pieces of 2″ foam, a long upholstery needle, and nylon thread. Oh, and a button cover kit.

I watched this video from The Fab Housewife to learn how to make the tufted seat:

I will be attempting this procedure this weekend. Time to charge the drill! Wish me luck!

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