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Fabulous Find of the Day!

Sometimes I come across a great deal, bargain or find that I can’t help but shout about from the rooftops! You know them – the kind that make you smile just thinking about them. Well, I found one over the weekend at a Christmas Tree Shoppe in York, PA. But, I would bet you might be able to find this at any of the their locations. (For my Virginia friends, there’s a location in Richmond.)

This little pillow was just $4.99. Yup – a cute pillow for five bucks! I love that it looks like it was made from an old grain sack, with the script writing, french scrolls and of course, a bird image on the front – the female goldfinch if I am not mistaken (I see this bird in my yard everyday).

I LOVE it. And for the itsy-bitsy sticker price, I was searching through the bin looking for more with different birds on them. Unfortunately, this was the only version. Still – I was happy to take this home!

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