Fabric store inspiration!

I drove into Warrenton yesterday to buy paint. Turns out, the place where I get Annie Sloan Chalk Paint no longer carries it. (don’t fret, the stockist just changed locations) So, I headed down to Main Street in Old Town Warrenton for a stroll, and was delighted to find so many cute shops. Especially a fabric store that whet my decorating whistle like no other I have ever been to!

The Fabric Emporium drew me in with their window first, and as soon as I walked inside I was hooked. Wow – the displays of high-end furniture and accessories were gorgeous. I want everything in that store! Seriously, everything. And the bolts and bolts of fabric were stunning. The colors, the prints, the textures. Immediately I had visions of new curtains, slipcovers, and upholstered chairs all over my house. No joke – I could have spent hours there. But, alas, I had my 5-year old with me. He was well-behaved thankfully,  but there was too much breakable (aka expensive) stuff in there for a child to refrain from touching for too long.

I spoke with an employee and she gave me permission to take photos and share them on my blog. So here’s some eye candy for you!

I love when shops coordinate their furnishings and accessories by color palette. This neutral palette spoke to me! “Buy us, buy us!”

You know I couldn’t pass by the decorative painted cabinet and these french chairs! Gosh,I’ve got to find some chairs like these on Craigs List and add some spicy fabric!

Saxon said, “Mama looks, birds!” I’ve trained him well.

Love these pillows!

Pretty display of white figurines and blue glass.

Of all the furniture in the place, I fell most in love with this glass-front display cabinet  – it was beautiful!

Glam wallpaper!

Love the mustard colors!

Soft and soothing!

I’ll take one of each!

I loved that you could take a swatch of practically anything in the store.

This store has got me thinking that I definitely have to accomplish a few things soon:

1) Learn how to upholster furniture
2) Learn how to sew so I can start making curtains and bedding (duvet covers)

There were so many beautiful fabrics in here – I found myself thinking about them all evening. Now to decide what to work on first!

If you’re local to Northern Virginia, and want to peek around this place for yourself, I grabbed a business card. The Fabric Emporium is located at 78 Main Street, Warrenton.


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