Auction Cabinet is a Bleed Through Nightmare!

A few weeks ago I went to a local auction and found this vintage cabinet.

As you can see, this piece wasn’t lovingly cared for. It was scratched all to hell, and someone thought it was a smart idea to cover the top surface with sticky contact paper. The first thing I did was take my Black and Decker Mouse to it, and sand away most of the stained surface. That little hand-held sanding device is a blessing! No joke, I wish I had discovered it a long time ago.

After sanding, I whipped out my Annie Sloan paint. Normally with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, there’s no need for sanding or priming. (it really does stick to anything!) But, since this piece was a mess, I had to get rid of some of the gunk first. Little did I know that even after removing most of the stain, it would rear it’s ugly head later.

I painted the first coat in the dim light of my garage, and could immediately see pink starting to appear in the paint. The wood stain was bleeding through even a second coat. With the advice of some awesome painting friends, I purchased Zinsser clear shellac. Painted it right over the chalk paint, waited for it to dry and then went back to the Old White again. It worked like a charm.

The only trouble was that as I started to distress, I could see that darn pink again on the layers underneath. So, I just distressed it. A lot. To make it sort of look like it was all intentional. What do you think?

I removed the glass from the door and replaced with chicken wire, for a cottage chic vibe!

The original key!

Wow, can someone show me how to prune rose bushes? It’s looking like a jungle out here!
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