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Valentine’s Day Hey Girl Link Up Party

You’ve probably all seen those posts on Pinterest and Facebook with Ryan Gosling – the Hey Girl posters? They look like this…

And one of my fav’s would be this…

Well in honor of Valentine’s Day, several bloggers are hosting a link up party, where you create your own fun Hey Girl images! I’m all over that, because I think my honey is way hotter than Ryan Gosling!
So here we go!

Ahhhh, isn’t hubby just adorable holding baby Saxon? I love this photo – they both warm my heart!

Hee hee, crystal in the gun cabinet! I crack myself up!

Hubby would say this one is blasphemy!

If you don’t hear from me in several days, send help. I may be in deep sh**@% over this picture! (but come on now, he’s way hunkier than Ryan right!!!!)

And I had to include a Hey Girl from the other love of my life…my little dancing machine! And you know what, he would dance every slow song at a wedding with me if I asked.
So there ya have it, my contribution to the Hey Girl link party. Don’t miss the hosts of this party:
Michelle at Decor and the Dog, Chelsea at Two Twenty One, Bliss at Bliss Ranch, Ashley at Domestic Imperfection and Kelly at View Along the Way.
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  1. Bliss
    Bliss says:

    Hands down hunk! And also, because I'm keeping track, the only other wife to put a shirtless photo up, besides myself. And mine's got a few years on yours so his half naked pic doesn't have as much beef. Or as much hair anymore. But we might both need the dog house for sleeping in.



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