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What’s you decorating style?

Do you know your decorating style? It’s okay if you don’t. For many of us – myself included – it is an evolving thing. Your tastes and preferences can change.

Years ago, I had a very country-Americana thing going on. My first home had a lot of red, white and blue colors, and antiques that I scored at auctions or yard sales. Nothing was very valuable – mostly just old. You know, the stuff a 20-something can afford.

Today I’d say my style is a bit of a mixed bag. I still like some antiques, especially french provincial pieces. I love the clean lines of mid-century modern, too. The mirrors and tufted furniture of the Hollywood Regency era speak to me, too. In the same room I might pair rustic wood and zebra prints. You just never know.

No one says your style has to fit into a neat little box. Love what you love and embrace it in your home!

For those who really like labels, and prefer to know what their style is, I created a little magazine-style quiz. Just circle the answers that best reflect you, and then tally them at the end.

Now tally up your letters. If you have mostly A’s, your style is Casual. Mostly B’s, your style is Contemporary. If you have mostly C’s, then you lean toward Traditional. If you’re like me, you have a mix of A, B and C – then your style is called Eclectic. See the descriptions below.

 I always love taking little quizzes! It’s fun to see if you match what they say you are!

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