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What I’ve been up to…interior design studies!

Hey there Nesters! How have you been? I hope you’ve all been keeping busy and distracted from the fact that I’ve had another hiatus from this blog! I thought a life update was in order because so many things are a-changing! And I mean exciting things! First – if you didn’t already know, I’ve stepped […]

Weddings with a personalized touch!

Wedding season is around the corner, and ideas for crafting a truly unique day are blooming across the internet and Pinterest. I love the many homemade touches that brides to be are bringing to the ceremony and celebration – like DIY mason jar centerpieces, hand-sewn chair covers, even paper flowers to look like the real […]

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What does a new year mean? New products, of course!

What does a new year mean to you? For some it means more exercise, or less eating, maybe even more drinking (in celebration)! For others it means getting organized, starting over or changing bad habits. For many businesses its new-product launch season. And that’s exactly what I have for you today – photos of some […]

Fun times to come in the man cave!

This week my husband’s new girlfriend is set to move in. Admittedly, she’s beautiful. But, I’m not jealous.   On the contrary – I’m super excited. The new pool table is lovely to look at AND it comes with a ping-pong top. (I’m much more skilled at ping pong then billiards.) So I foresee a […]