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Painting and decorating wine bottles

Last week as I tossed an empty wine bottle into the recycling bin, I thought it would be nice to repurpose these glass containers into something useful or pretty. Pinterest is overflowing with bottle crafts, and three minutes into browsing, I was hooked. It was on!

I put out a call online for my neighbor’s empties, and went shopping for spray paint. I came home with 10 cans in a rainbow of colors! (Admittedly, I’ve got a bit of a craft hoarding problem.)

The first things I made were these little scented oil diffusers.

I used mini wine bottles and sprayed them white. Then I applied two 1″ Simply Said designs in red that say “Cherish Family.” Raffia is tied around the necks. Inside is a homemade mixture of 1 cup safflower oil, and several drops of lilac essential oil. The sticks are bamboo skewers, the that you can get at the grocery store. Just remember to turn the sticks around each day and your room will be lightly scented!
Once I started spraying the bottles, I couldn’t stop! It was so easy and fun!
I bought this pink color last week thinking I would craft something for a baby girl’s room. However, on Friday, a dear friend of mine lost her battle with cancer. Today, the color took on a different meaning for me and this vinyl design of “Hope,” felt more fitting. Ann was an amazing woman – a fighter who never gave up hope. And who, incidentally, loved a glass of chardonnay. (and whom I named a piece of my chalk painted furniture after in this blog post)
I really love this next one…
This bottle was sprayed metallic gold, with a black Simply Said “Dream” design. I snapped a few dead twigs off a tree outside and sprayed them black. Then I wrapped a few little jewelry trinkets around the neck. You can buy very inexpensive jewelry items like this at your local craft store. 
And here’s a trio awaiting their finishing touch, and what will undoubtedly make them adorable…
Candy corn bottles for Halloween! Why am I making Halloween crafts now – in July? If you wait until October, it might be too chilly outside for spraying and your paint will take longer to dry. Today, when it was 90-something outside, the paint literally dried on contact! But, the real reason is because I just couldn’t wait!  I ordered Simply Said vinyl designs for these, too. And as soon as they come, I will apply them (which takes all of 30 seconds, see an application video here), and share the final photos! They’ll say B-O-O. And I have a pair of goggly-eyes to put inside each O. They are going to be super cute, and make a great table centerpiece!
Here they are complete with vinyls and eyes!
I’ve got something very similar planned for Christmas with a trio of bottles that will say Peace – Love- Joy. I probably would have started those today, but I ran out of empty bottles. Better get back to drinking!
Here’s to you, Ann.