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White Pottery Collection

I’ve got a thing for white pottery. Well, pottery in general if truth be told. There’s something about the sculptural lines of hand-thrown pitchers, pots, bottles and bowls. And when they’re all white, a collection looks so clean. So artistic. Soothing in a way.

Wouldn’t you agree?

How about the forms of these from West Elm? Sooooo pretty!

We recently purchased a set of open shelves, and I’ve struggled with how to arrange my collections on them. I have a lot of dark brown pottery, and had most of it on my shelves – with a lot of other stuff, too. I never really got that “aha” feeling when I looked upon them.

The shelves are made from gorgeous reclaimed wood, and with so many items on them, the eye never really laid upon the shelves themselves. So, I removed everything and started fresh. With shades of white. And discovered less really is more. Especially with a few pieces of white pottery. Now, I love looking at my shelves!

And today, my friend Mary gifted me with a few more white pieces to add to the collection. Thank you Mary!!

Do you have a collection that’s on display? Please do share!